Friday, February 11, 2011

Write A Novel In A Year

Time to write a novel! I am again at that phase of life when I find it hardest to write: caring for a toddler from 18 to 24 months old. These adorable, miniature beings seem to be able to break me down like no other force on earth. Toddler Storytime at the library on Wednesday? No, Little Guy had other ideas. I left holding him around the waist so that he would not flop his little self down in the middle of the floor again. He was perfectly happy by that time. I was in tears.

Enough about me and why it will be hard this time around. I am doing it in the company of the teen writer's group at Mandarin Library and their fearless leader, Donald Carpenter. The program: Write A Novel In A Year.

Last month's agenda was to kick the whole thing off and to eject our inner editors. This month is about creating living characters.

Time to find or create a post about characterization and to get up to speed on actually writing the novel I am supposed to be writing. 4,000 words until I'm on track! Bye-bye.

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